The Platinum Series

Leeroy New, Jay Oliva, and Reese Ruiz are the New Ambassadors for Globe’s Collectible Series

Platinum customers are in for a treat as Globe takes on Filipino-powerhouse artists Leeroy New, Jay Oliva, and Reese Ruiz as their new ambassadors for their collectible series.

In a highly-exclusive virtual sit down on November 11, the three will discuss their creative vision, what got them into their respective fields, and their inspiration for creating an extraordinary experience for Platinum customers.

Jay Oliva, the Filipino-American showrunner and executive producer of the Netflix hit series Trese, created a 76-page hardbound compilation of meticulously crafted artworks inspired by the series and containing never-before-seen imagery of Alexandra Trese’s journey to the underworld in The Art Behind Netflix’s Trese

For his part, Leeroy New, a globally lauded Filipino visual artist and designer, created the Star Cluster collectible. Inspired by two large-scale sculptural installations, this is a massive vessel that resembles a colony on a different planet and Mebuyan’s Vessel – a semi-architectural spaceship.

And the third ambassador to complete this creative collaboration, Reese Ruiz, a Filipino social entrepreneur who is the President and founding partner of the fashion design house Rags2Riches, and who created a sustainable fashion line made from upcycled woven textiles and indigenous fabric from the Mundo Collection. 


The Platinum Series is definitely something to look forward and to cherish to as each collectible comes with a donation to World Vision as part of the #ForFutureHeroes campaign.

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