Grail Premium Services Gives Your Beloved Sneakers the Cleaning and TLC They Deserve

Every sneakerhead out there would agree that a good pair of shoes also needs some good TLC every now and then. Sure, we can always DIY our way to cleaner and whiter shoes, but it's still better if we let the pros handle the job to make sure that our shoes are not only cleaner but also in mint condition after the process it goes through. 


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If you're still looking for a shop offering all kinds of services for all kinds of shoes that need loving, there's Grain Premium Services that can do everything from cleaning to repainting to restoring your favorite pair of kicks. They have a drop-off kiosk at Uptown Mall, and shops in both One Uptown Residence and The Podium, so convenience wouldn't be much of an issue no matter where you are in the metro.  

One of the things Grail takes pride in is the premium kind of service they provide to the customers and the shoes they entrust to them. Even their cleaning solution took years to perfect and is something that you wouldn't find on-sale or in use anywhere else. 

Having your shoes cleaned here at Grail is literally as easy as 1-2-3. Just drop your pair off at your preferred branch (or kiosk) and let the guys evaluate it. Here, they check every side of your shoes, take note of all the details from the brand and the size to the worn-out parts and the damages before recommending what needs to be done to it. It also serves as a guarantee for the customer just in case something goes wrong or damaged upon pick-up. 

Grail's services are priced depending on the size and material of the shoes, as well as which parts you want cleaning. Canvas, leather, nylon, and rubber shoes fall under the Standard category while suede, nubuck, premium leather, cotton mesh, knit, and premium textile fall under the Premium category. Pairs from brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Yeezys, Common Project, Givenchy, and etc., are also included in the Premium category. 

After classifying the shoes, you will then decide on whether you want to go for a Classic Clean, where they include the upper and mid part of the shoes, or a Deep Clean, where they clean the shoes' upper, mid, sole, and laces. There's also an All Around Premium Package, which is inclusive of a deep clean service, a freshener, and sole protection for your favorite pair. These services go from P500 to P1850. 

From there, they will tell you that they'd need at least a 3-day turnaround time, which can extend for longer, depending on how dirty your pair is, or how much load they have on that particular period. If you need your pair ASAP, though, you can always pay an additional P300 if you want it the same day, P200 for a 1-day turnaround time, and P100 for a 2-day turnaround time. 

After the turnaround time, you can either pick up or have your freshly-cleaned shoes delivered to your doorstep depending on your availability. 

Check out 2 of our own pairs before and after availing the Grail's cleaning services: 

Aside from shoe cleaning services, Grail also offers repainting for Ultra Boosts and Yeezys. You can also have them clean your designer bags, priced depending on their sizes. 


Grail has branches in The Podium, One Uptown Residences, and Uptown Mall. For more information, you may check out their official Facebook and Instagram page. 

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