Marian Joy Hernandez

Marian is kind of an old lady. She wrote her first poem at age 7 when she wanted to impress an imaginary boy she knew she would meet in the future. It goes like this:

Flowers are pretty, flowers are not itchy
But they will be, if you have an allergy.

It was “published” in school.

Since then, her flirting skills haven't improved, but she likes to think her literary prowess has. With a degree in Political Science, she worked in the Senate, became a make-up artist, taught children in Sunday School, and did marketing for restaurants. But she always returned to writing. Nowadays, her weekdays are for her corporate job as an editor, while weekends are for traveling, and writing for ClickTheCity. She is a staunch supporter of good music and has co-written songs with indie band, Ciudad. Her writings have also appeared in The Manila Times, Preview, InFlight and Rogue.

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