INTERVIEW: Atom Araullo on His Newest Travel Show 'Adventure Your Way'

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There's a new travel show to watch out from AXN, and it's set to take thrills to the next level because of its unique concept which involves the viewers and the people of social media! 

Adventure Your Way is a weekly 30-minute travel show where host Atom Araullo goes from one destination to another with nothing but his phone as a guide. Starting with an empty bucket list, he then puts his fate on the hands of the people from social media, asking them where he should go next, what he should so, and which of the two choices he should pursue. Some of the suggestions could go from something as chill as camping underneath the stars to something as thrilling as skydiving and bungee jumping. 

Whether or not he will do it is something to find out in the upcoming episodes! 

Meanwhile, we sat down with Atom to get to know more about his stories from the show. Read the interview below: 

Since the show is mainly driven by social media, how do you think this kind of format will change the way people travel? 

You know, I think social media is ahead of us, and people are traveling like this already. Maybe it's kind of a chicken-and-egg situation where one reinforces the other, but again, especially young people nowadays...we've seen more people interested in traveling not just to local destinations.

Crowdsourcing does play a huge part of it, whether we recognize it or not. We ask our friends what their recommendations are. We ask other people, we look at reviews. We used different apps in our phones - the most crucial one being the map or the booking apps. It's an inextricable part of our lives - our smart phones and being connected.

I think it's only going to progress. In the first place, technology is evolving so quickly that we can't really see much farther than 1 year. Things can change so far. But there's no stopping it, and it's only going to get more and more interesting. 

What's your favorite underrated place from everything you've visited so far? 

Ang hirap pumili kasi marami talaga eh. Kung pagbabatayan 'yung napuntahan namin sa programa, nasa ilang episodes pa lang kami, I was surprised with Masbate, actually. It's not the top of a lot of people's list, but I think it has a certain charm to it. It's not a very developed province, and I won't get into the details as to why that's the case, but as it exists today, it's a nice escape. It's very unique, and you won't encounter a lot of tourists so far. So yeah, there's always something to discover. 

What's your go to roadtrip or travel playlist? 

My taste is very eclectic, as far as music is concerned. I would jump between classic rock - The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles. Then I would go to modern RnB, - Frank Ocean, The Roots, Childish Gambino, mga music ng kabataan. And also a lot of indie music - Jose Gonzales from my college days, Bon Iver... ang dami! It really depends on my mood. Sometimes, classical music, because when I listen to music with lyrics, I get distracted easily, and that's fine when driving, and you want to keep awake. But in moments where you have to think about ideas, I just put on classical music. It helps in the process of bringing that out. 

To make it easier for you, we compiled some of hits of these artists in one playlist: 


Adventure Your Way premieres on AXN this February 8, 8:30PM. For more information, you may visit the show's official Facebook and Instagram page. 


Atom Araullo

Alfonso Tomas "Atom" Pagaduan Araullo (born October 19, 1982) is a Filipino model, TV presenter, triathlete and a former news reporter of AB...  read more »

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