7 Heartbreaking Pinoy Music Videos That Totally Gave Us The Feels

These songs' music videos will make your senti moments even sadder!

Music can truly evoke different emotions from its listeners, and for Pinoys, some of the most moving and relatable songs out there are the hugot songs that stab us right in the heart.

While the lyrics and music can already hurt our feelings (especially when it reminds us of our past relationships), sometimes the songs can even be more hurtful thanks to its music videos that are presented as short films meant to break our hearts even more.

On this list, we’ve rounded up such MVs with premises that totally gave us the feels, from the what-ifs of Parallel Universe to Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw‘s unrequited love.

Parallel Universe

Song by: Clara Benin
Directed by: Norvin Delos Santos

Clara Benin’s Parallel Universe tells about a love that’s lost and how it might have turned out in another world. While the line “[I] don’t want to live in a world where you are not mine” already speaks volumes for those whose relationships didn’t work out, the music video gives us a glimpse of what it might feel like spending a lifetime without the one we love, hoping a happier ending for ourselves somewhere in a parallel universe.


Walang Hanggan

Song by: Quest
Directed by: James A. Muleta

Walang Hanggan by Quest is a beautifully written breakup song that captures all the questions and thoughts of someone who’s about to lose the person they love, but are not yet ready to let go. The music video, starring Quest and Louise Delos Reyes, also captured the complete sadness of the song, adding a twist that made that loss of a loved one even more heartbreaking.


Song by: Juan Karlos feat. Gloc-9
Directed by: Silver Belen

For years, Gloc-9 has used rap music to send powerful and thought-provoking messages about social issues in his songs such as Sirena and Magda. His recent song with Juan Karlos, Sampaguita, tells of a father working abroad, longing for that reunion with his wife and daughter. The song and its accompanying MV details the man’s loneliness and sacrifices, and by the third stanza, crushed us with its tragic turn of events.

Patawad, Paalam

Song by: Moira Dela Torre and I Belong to The Zoo
Directed by: Niq Ablao

Moira and I Belong to The Zoo continue to bring us very relatable hugot songs, but back in 2019 the two artists collaborated for Patawad, Paalam with a music video that will launch Moira’s ultimate hugot trilogy, starring JM De Guzman and Anna Luna. In the first music video, we see two lovers’ regrets many years after one of them bid the other goodbye. Like Parallel Universe, it makes us rethink if saying goodbye is really for the best, when we’ll spend the rest of our lives in regret.

Di Na Muli

Song by: Itchyworms
Directed by: Paolo Abella and Juno Oebanda

Written by Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola and performed by the Itchyworms, ‘Di Na Muli won the top prize at the 5th PhilPop Music Festival. Sometimes, we lose the love of our life not by choice, and this song and its moving music video tell of such a story. Featured in the 2018 video is Rosky Balahadia Hilado, who was widowed by her late husband, Teddy Hilado, in 2016. Fittingly, its backdrop is an emptied Cultural Center of the Philippines, giving us scenes of both beauty and loneliness– just like a love that’s now gone.


Song by: Moira Dela Torre
Directed by: Niq Ablao

A song about closure, Moira broke hearts once again not just through her music in Paubaya, but by also giving us a heart-wrenching confrontation between exes Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, who play bride and groom in the video. At the 4-minute mark, instead of reciting their wedding vows, the two gave their “parting vows” in front of the altar, asking for forgiveness from the person they once loved and hurt. To make it even more hurtful, it was revealed that the two actors co-wrote their lines that got us all wiping tears from our eyes.

Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw

Song by: December Avenue feat. Moira Dela Torre
Directed by: Andrei Antonio

We can’t complete this list without December Avenue and Moira Dela Torre’s music video for Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw, which really gave us the feels back in 2018. The song, the direction, and the performances from its actors, especially that of Baymax Magana Bayon, were all neatly put together to truly tug at our heartstrings. This music video makes us feel that maybe, we should still be thankful for a love that’s lost along the way, because for some, they only know of love that was never theirs.

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Homestream images are from the music videos of ‘Walang Hanggan’, ‘Patawad, Paalam’, and ‘Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw’.


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