These 10 Sad Video Games Will Break Your Heart

Here's a spoiler-free list of games that will get you emotional!

For some, video games are all about fun challenges and thrilling adventures. But there are also timeless gems that are so good in storytelling, they got us really attached to the characters. Sometimes, too attached that the games can easily break our hearts if it wanted to.

While such titles can offer different gameplays and experiences, what they have in common is that even after you’ve stopped playing, their stories and the emotions you’ve felt in-game will often stay with you, making these games truly memorable.

If you seek such titles, here is a spoiler-free list of games that are so sad you shouldn’t be surprised if you find your tears flowing while playing.

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What video games broke your heart the most? Be sure to give them an upvote above, or if they’re not on the list, share it with us via Connect!

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