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Ed Sheeran’s New Album ‘Autumn Variations’ Debuts on Gingerbread Man

Experience Ed Sheeran's latest masterpiece, "Autumn Variations," a blend of soulful melodies crafted with Aaron Dessner, under Gingerbread Man Records.

World-renowned musician Ed Sheeran unveils his latest album, “Autumn Variations,” under Gingerbread Man Records, painting his personal and emotional journey with every tune. Crafted under the ingenious production of Aaron Dessner, the collection captures the soulful transitions of life, seasoned with Sheeran’s unique touch.

Inspiration Behind The Melodies

Last fall witnessed a transformative phase in Ed Sheeran’s life and that of his close friends. As summer’s fervor faded, they encountered myriad emotions – from serene calmness and resolutions to intense confrontations and collapses.

Using music as his expressive outlet, Sheeran penned down tracks that painted the evolving worldviews, both his and those of his companions. Each song oscillates between the elated peaks of new love and friendships and the melancholic valleys of heartbreak, isolation, and bewilderment.

A Nod to the Classics

The inspiration for the album’s name and concept traces back to the renowned composer Elgar and his magnum opus, ‘Enigma Variations’. In this classic, Elgar dedicated each of the 14 pieces to individual friends. Sheeran, taking a leaf out of this book, mirrored this approach, making “Autumn Variations” a heartfelt tribute.

The Creative Collaboration with Aaron Dessner

Recording sessions often reveal the magic or the discord between artists. For Sheeran and Dessner, it was instant chemistry. Their synergized efforts led to an incessant outpour of creativity, culminating in this album. Sheeran fondly reminisces about Dessner capturing autumn’s essence with impeccable finesse in the soundscapes they crafted together.




Live from London’s Prestigious Stage

For fans lucky enough to secure tickets, the Royal Albert Hall in London will echo with Sheeran’s live renditions from “Autumn Variations” on the 18th and 19th of November. Promising to be a musical feast, Sheeran is set to perform the album in its entirety. The evenings promise an amplified experience, with Sheeran being complemented by a live band and a string ensemble. Sadly, for many admirers, this stands as the lone opportunity to witness his live magic in the UK for the year.

Sneak Peek: “Autumn Variations” Tracklist

1. Magical
2. England
3. Amazing
4. Plastic Bag
5. Blue
6. American Town
7. That’s On Me
8. Page
9. Midnight
10. Spring
11. Punchline
12. When Will I Be Alright
13. The Day I Was Born
14. Head > Heels

“Autumn Variations” promises not just music, but an experience. It’s an exploration of the human heart and its responses to the world’s ever-changing rhythms. Don’t just listen; feel Ed Sheeran’s newest masterpiece.

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