Experience the Hamilton Revolution in Manila with Spotify’s ‘Best of Hamilton’ Playlist

It’s official — the revolution is coming to Manila!

Just a day after Lin-Manuel Miranda greeted us with “Kamusta Philippines!” and “What’s up, dude pare?”, Miranda confirmed that the award-winning musical will kick off its first-ever Asian tour in the Philippines.

From its multilayered historical backdrop to the cast’s high-energy dances and the showcase of a wide variety of musical styles, including hip-hop, pop, and jazz — this theatrical sensation is definitely not one to be missed.

If you’re already hyped up like us or a Hamilton first-timer wanting to study up ahead of the experience, Spotify has got you covered. Check out Spotifys 72-trackBest of Hamilton playlist ‘, which features all of the Hamilton music coexisting in one place, including songs performed by the original Broadway cast. Plus, you can also listen to Playlist Stories featuring Miranda and music supervisor Alex Lacamoire as they share the inspirations behind some of the fan favorites like My Shot, Wait For It, Satisfied, and One Last Time..

Get ready to experience the Hamilton revolution in Manila and feel even luckier to be alive right now!

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