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The Bride and the Lover - Trailer

Vivian Paredes, only daughter of a real estate tycoon, makes the socialite's headlines when she calls off her own wedding exposing her groom Philip who had a one-night fling with her maid of honor and best friend, Sheila. Drowning themselves separately in liquor, Vivian, Sheila and Philip vow never to cross each other's path and hie off to their own respective hideaways. But vows get broken one by one when Sheila realizes that she really loves Philip and decides to turn their one-night scandalous affair into a more committed romance. She nurses both Philip's broken leg that he got from a falling accident, and his guilt-ridden broken heart. Meanwhile, Vivian comes back and reconciles with Sheila and aims to rekindle their past friendship. But does she really? Sheila slowly learns about Vivian's real intentions, which prompts her to craft her own strategy for keeping the love she feels she already earned. The jealousy game culminates in a reversal of roles. The erstwhile bride becomes the vengeful lover as Vivian attends her best friend Sheila's wedding to a groom she realizes she wants to take back. Flanked on both sides by two feisty women who want him for their prize, Philip begins to doubt his own self-worth.  For ultimately, which of the two makes one really happy, the Bride or the Lover?

Duration: 03:28

Published: Apr 16, 2013 3:10 PM