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The Divine Fury (2019)

R-13 Action, Horror, Thriller

Park Seo-joon, Ahn Sung-ki, Woo Do-hwan
Jason Kim

The movie (The Divine Fury), if you look deeper into it, it reveals to you, how the devils enter into temptation. From the movie, if you have a great analysis of it. The temptation enters into our passions, into our flesh and the movie gives us also hints on how to overcome those temptations, it is our the practice of our free will. At the moment the temptation comes in, dismissed it immediately. You can really see how the demon deceived the child who was possessed with 666 legions. It goes with his passions that someone comforts him during his loneliness, you are in deep sorrow and you are thinking why people did it you and that devil is tempting you to revenge. That is how the kid allowed the legions entered into his body. In our world, we are given free will and in times of temptation, we must surrender to God. I cannot blame that pure soul in the movie because he was in the point of disappointment and was blinded by hatred but the devil was vile too. It was just a movie but it can happen in real life if we are not vigilant in practicing our willpower and do not have faith in God. The movie is helpful in practicing discernment of what we allow to enter our lives. But the movies also show that the devil tempts you into lesser good things just like on the first encounter of the main character with the devil of the movie. I really love this movie, by reflecting on the scenes, I know the realities of faith and God's amazing work in life. Instead, of being afraid, watch the movie on how it can help you progress in your spiritual life-on where God called you for.

Amazing Visual Effects Inspiring Thought-Provoking

 Sun, 18 Aug 2019 2:43 PM  More Reviews