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Ulan (2019)

PG Drama, Romance

Nadine Lustre, Carlo Aquino
Irene Emma Villamor

ULAN is AN EXPERIENCE. Strangely beautiful. This is such a mind-boggling. thought-provoking film. It's very progressive, very daring and unconventional. Ang fresh ng idea at malalim. Definitely not for the BOBO at di nakakaintindi ng symbolisms at mababaw lang ang hanap sa sine. This film is best appreciated by those who are open to fresh and bold ideas. My best part of the movie is the heartwarming. It made me cry-- both sad and happy tears. You'll feel both pain and joy. It's devastating and uplifting at the same time. And the music...just perfect for that final scene. I couldn't stop raving about this film because I've never seen anything like this. I'm just so proud to have experienced such one-of-a-kind local film.

Inspiring Heartwarming Thought-Provoking

 Tue, 26 Mar 2019 11:05 AM  More Reviews