• M Masir Ridak Reviewed the movie Bumblebee   2019-01-09 23:39:20

    Bumblebee (2019)

    Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
    Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr.
    Travis Knight

    A brilliant coming of age story of a lovely teenager - Charlie - as she, by destiny, is able to forge a bond with a displaced and broken alien machine that lands in Earth from an Alien planet in War. The movie has a lot of heart, with well-placed humor and excellent action sequences that are memorably spectacular, sufficient and coherenlty choreographed, in contrast with the confusing, disorienting, bloated mess that was evident in Michael Bay’s adaptations. This movie is easily the best Transformers movie to date, as it effectively focuses on qualities that the audience can easily connect to, capturing the humanity of an alien entity, the blossoming inter-species companionship between Bumblebee and Charlie, and the latter’s growth in acceptance of her flaws and loss. Nostalgic, wonderfull, and above all, fun. This was truly well worth of the price of the admission.

    Love the Story Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects

     Wed, 9 Jan 2019 11:39 PM  |   More Reviews

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