• Aurora (2018)

    Anne Curtis
    Yam Laranas

    Aurora deserves an award for sound. It’s very Hollywood, very dramatic and suspenseful, and sets the movie on the right note from the get go. Cinematography isn’t bad either. The ever gorgeous (even with little to no make up) Anne Curtis’ shots were just as haunting yet beautiful as the landscape. She also carried the movie quite well. I think where this movie had the most problems is in the story. It got kind of muddled and convoluted somewhere in the middle towards the end. Also, spoiler, there’s hardly any horror scenes; the movie having to rely mostly on cinematography and sound to establish that this is, in fact, a scary movie. 3⭐️ out of 5.

     Fri, 28 Dec 2018 12:11 AM  |   More Reviews

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