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Kung Paano Siya Nawala (2018)

PG Drama, Romance

JM de Guzman, Rhian Ramos
Joel Ruiz

Kung Paano Siya Nawala
Film Review by Irish Granada Inoceto

In a movie that talks about face blindness it surprisingly leaves no forgettable characters.

Lio played by JM de Guzman was relatable despite his condition. He shows how a person who is deemed strange by most just struggles to be normal, deals with family issues, tries to be the good son, and tries harder to be a good boyfriend.

Shana played by Rhian Ramos way beyond the stereotypes of female protagonists in Philippine Cinema. She was not just any beautiful face that made Lio fall in love with her, face blindness considering, means that Lio related to her on the level of her quirkiness. Quirkiness that Rhian played so naturally, it made you think if she was acting as herself and not Shana.

The chemistry between Lio and Shana devoid of awkwardness, Lio's guardedness was broken down by Shana's playful nature and their sweet moments were peppered with normal couple activities, for example using one toothbrush and popping back pimples.

There are also many unexpected lines that makes me wonder if they were off script and the delivery so smooth that the director opted not to edit it out. Even at moments that you feel bad for Shana being embarrassed in public, you can't help laugh at her lines at the bottom of the stairs.

The film being from Lio's point of view made it a bit slow in showing Shana's dark side but is understandable. It is Lio's point of view.

The characters of Lio's mom, sisters, father and co-workers, even his one night stands have their own stories, their own lives. They were not mere furnitures in the movie catapulting Lio towards his resolution. They were people who had their own struggles and made you feel for them.

The character of Pogs is a breakthrough in the big screen in my opinion. She was a lesbian who was in a healthy relationship with a budding artist, with a sense of humor, and androgynous expression. She even had a few seconds on screen girl-on-girl mature, loving kiss! I literally cheered in the Cinema upon seeing that, kudos KPSN!

The story is about slowly losing the memory of the one you love and for that all of us can relate. How at one moment of our lives we loved with all our hearts and when broken did everything to hold on to even just the memories. Good thing the film didn't stop at losing memories but moving on and hope.
It is no wonder at all that the main stars of the film co-produced it. They believed in the beauty of the story. I applaud the cinematic execution, it didn't need wide panoramic shots, most of the time they were in cramped spaces, giving the right feels of a person living in his own bubble.

We all live on our own bubble, most of the time we have face blindness, until we choose to look deeper and get to know the person more.

Kudos to Kung Paano Siya Nawala for giving us a film we would love to watch over and over again.

Congratulations Rhian Ramos and JM de Guzman for a job well done.

Love the Female lead Thought-Provoking Superb Cast

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