• The Hows Of Us (2018)

    Comedy, Romance
    Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla
    Cathy Garcia-Molina

    "There is no war to win. Just a journey to go through."

    I have seen a lot of Cathy Garcia-Molina films. I already know her style as a film maker but she always managed to keep the promise of surprise of any of her high-quality films. 'The Hows Of Us' is never an exception. Again, she gave her audience a roller-coaster of emotions.

    I was never a fan of Kathniel, though I like DJ a lot. Like Primo and George, Daniel and Kathryn became better versions of themselves through the years. They become better people, better actors and it is very evident in this film. They grew together and shown depth in playing their roles. In my opinion, this is their best film to date.

    As a non-believer of Kathryn Bernardo, I guess she already earned my respect because of her performance in this film. She is outstanding. It will be an understatement if I say that she already cemented her place in the industry as one of the best. I am totally excited what else she can do in the future.

    Daniel Padilla will always be one of my favorites. His improvement as an actor made me look forward to what risk or risks he will take for his craft. Though he was outshined by Kathryn in this movie, he still manage to be there. It may have been that he wasn't given enough moments like Kathryn has or it maybe because this is how he characterized Primo. Nonetheless, he still did a great job.

    'The Hows of Us' screenplay was one of the best. I never got bored. The film managed to keep me interested with what will happen next, when did it happen, where, the why's and most especially the how's. I was really into it that I found myself surprised that its already done.

    The ending as well is everything. A tearjerker. It is the best and my most favorite part. This will be the reason why you will love Primo more, understand his choices and his reasons to comeback. The longing and the choice George made after she read the letter which is two years overdue was heartfelt. The scene may be clumsy but romantics will not care. It was a scene of passion and love. It was all worth it. Overall, 5/5.

    Love the Story Inspiring Superb Cast

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