• Miss Granny (2018)

    Comedy, Drama
    Sarah Geronimo, James Reid, Xian Lim
    Joyce Bernal

    "Paano ba nasusukat ang kalungkutan?"
    Bb. Joyce Bernal's adaptation of Miss Granny is successful in letting the audience be reminded of our Filipino core values and how a mother's love will try to fight and surpass anything for her child. 'Ganun ang mga Mama.'

    Sarah Geronimo gave her all in this film. You can definitely see it. Her personality and dedication to get the job done outshined everyone. Once again, she did go out of her nutshell to deliver excellence for her believers and non-believers.

    My favorite part of Sarah's performance, aside from all the comedic stunts she did to cope up with Nova Villa's acting chops, was the confrontation betwen her and Noni Buencamino. That scene was everything. I actually stopped myself from crying as that moment was touching and full of love. It was lovely.

    What can you expect from a Nova Villa? She's still one of the industry's finest when it comes to comedy and drama, yes drama. Her first line "Paano ba nasusukat ang kalungkutan?" Was a simple question but hit so hard. Iba ang buga ng linya.

    James Reid and Xian Lim's charms was more than enough to let the audience see them as an important ingredient of the film. They may not took off their clothes but they make themselves memorable in the simplicity of the attack that they did with their roles.

    Boboy Garovillo was an excellent choice for Bert. He made me smile as I believe him that he really has the purest love for Fely.

    Overall 4/5. Bernal, focusing only with Sarah Geronimo, maximizing her talents, is all this movie needs. I'm very glad that she did not exaggerate the conflict. It was suppose to entertain and yeah, she did come up with a feel-good movie with full of heart.

    Love the Story Hilarious Heartwarming

     Mon, 27 Aug 2018 9:49 PM  |   More Reviews

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