• Bakwit Boys (2018)

    Ryle Paolo Santiago, Nikko Natividad, Vance Larena, Mackie Empuerto, Devon Seron
    Jason Paul Laxamana

    "Mapagod kang umasa sige, pero wag kang mapagod mangarap." - Lolo Cesar
    The most powerful statement in Jason Paul Laxamana's Bakwit Boys, a film not only for dreamers but for people who already forget how to dream.

    We, Filipinos, always loved to sing. But the idea of musical movies is not our cup of tea, unless it is an internationally-produced musical. A lot of producers here in our country bank on love stories, may it be a teeny-bopper, romanticized queridas, couple challenges, etc., because we are overdead romantic as well. However, Bakwit Boys challenge the status quo and T-Rex Entertainment just made a masterpiece.

    Vance Larena lead this bunch. It is very evident that his experience as a theater actor came into play. He is outstanding as the panganay of the Datul brothers that can be misunderstood because of his rough approach with things but it is his good intentions and sacrifice that will made the audience understand his stance as the eledest brother.

    Nikko Natividad was a surprise. His sensitivity in playing Philip made me root for him. I never had high expectations on him cause he's pretty new but as a neophyte playing a character role, he nailed it. He is becoming my favorite Hashtag member. He is growing on me.

    Ryle Paolo Tan was the balance that we need in the film. The sense of humor of Joey made it easier for us, viewers, to absorb the stress of some conflicts in the film.

    Mackie Empuerto was effective as well. Playing Sonny, the youngest one, not only the innocence of his singing voice will touch you but he portrayed his role very well as the child who has the purest intentions of making his dream or their dream come true.

    Devon Seron was on-point. She is never my favorite but the role fits her. Her personality just made Rose memorable. Clearly, Devon made a mark and I think she should be given more opportunities to showcase her talents.

    Overall, 5/5. Fearless as the Bakwit Boys, if the film's main purpose is to bring something new to the Filipino viewers, they totally succeeded. It was full of hope and you will come out of the cinema inspired and ready to chase your dreams.

    Love the Story Inspiring Superb Cast

     Mon, 20 Aug 2018 7:44 PM  |   More Reviews

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