• Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi (2018)

    Comedy, Romance
    Sue Ramirez, Jameson Blake, Jerome Ponce
    Jun Robles Lana

    "I love you for so many reasons, including the reasons that are still unknown to me."

    I was kinda hesitant to watch this at first because I am getting tired of love stories. But due to unforeseen circumstances I was pushed to watch this film... and I'm more than glad that I did! This is now one of my favorite Pinoy movie.

    Jun Robles Lana's Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wifi is instagrammable. Anything and everything connected with camera works is instagram-worthy. It feels like a bunch of vloggers made this film. Shot after shot after shot. The whole setting is on point. It is so pleasing to the eyes that 'keyboard gangsters' will never have enough space to comment on how well the production design and cinematography was done.

    Sur Ramirez might not be the perfect choice for the role but she did make me believe that she is the one for the role. She proved herself. She started soft but ended so strong. Like a 'pilot', she started at the surface then she ended flying high. You go girl!

    I never knew that Jameson Blake can nail naiveness and vulnerability. He is an excellent choice for Aries. I like the fact that he didn't overdo the nerdy Aries. He just put the right amount of everything. He has given Aries depth effortlessly.

    Markus Paterson will be a mix of Ejay Falcon and Sam Milby in the future. He has something. It is there. And it needs to be developed so that he can be more.

    Macha is my personal favorite. I should not be commenting on her but Angellie Sanoy - she a riot! She rocked Macha. She is the balance the we need in the movie. Just want to see this girl evolve. Very promising.

    But again more than anything else, it is actually how Lana presented a love story that feeds your soul with rainbows and marshmallows. It will hit you so hard. The simplicity of the life before without internet will make you wanna come back where love letters brings more than the word kilig, where recorders makes longing more bearable and bicycles are genuine memory-keepers as well.

    It will make you feel good that it is okay not to document everything. It will let you just enjoy the moment and let yourself remember what you can just remember. To just let your heart capture the feelings that you are meant to remember for the rest of your life. This will make sure that you understand what pure love is and that love should always or must always go hand-in-hand with respect.

    Overall, 5/5. The movie far more better than this review. It is a must-see and once you're done watching, you'll know why I am thankful and came out of the cinema with a happy soul and heart.

    Love the Story Heartwarming Superb Cast

     Mon, 20 Aug 2018 4:20 AM  |   More Reviews

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