• Buy Bust (2018)

    Action, Drama, Thriller
    Anne Curtis, Brandon Vera
    Erik Matti

    BUY BUST: A Larger Truth (A Movie Review)

    BuyBust will be a classic. It is highly original, inspiring and influential. Remarkably strong with a clear message for all of us, Filipinos.

    Erik Matti's bloody movie is more than just a work of art. The hype serves as a solid evidence that all of us was inspired by how well it was executed - from the storyline, fight scenes, camera works, cinematography, musical score, acting - the whole production is worth the wait. 2 years right? Some even said it was the best Filipino movie that can go head-to-head with likes of Holywood movies. Indeed, the action scenes were impressive.

    But more than its production value, the movie is a revolution itself. And we all know what is all about. This is how Matti depicted the War on Drugs in our country. As a casual moviegoer, this is the larger truth that we are not seeing or refuse to look at. This is how the "business" will go cruel and brutal.

    Everyone who were involved in the movie deserves a commendation. Anne Curtis should be so proud of herself that she did this film. All the hardwork that she put in paid off, especially the risk of being an actor, who can be tagged by some that become political. But I am glad that she took the risk as not only she was recognized as the new action queen, moreso, she became much of a bigger value by playing and taking the role as fearless as she was in the movie.

    BuyBust should be seen by all Filipinos regardless of what is your stand on Duterte's War on Drugs. The film is noteworthy and exceptional. Matti just made a masterpiece that will never be just an action movie that purpose is to entertain but moreso, for us to dwell more on, again, a larger truth. Highly-recommended. Must-watch.

    Love the Female lead Love the Story Action-packed

     Sun, 5 Aug 2018 8:19 PM  |   More Reviews

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