• Kasal (2018)

    Drama, Romance
    Bea Alonzo, Paulo Avelino, Derek Ramsay
    Ruel Bayani

    KASAL: Effortless

    It was a sunny afternoon when I decided to watched Kasal by Ruel S. Bayani. And after watching, I puffed 4 sticks of cigarrettes before I started writing my thoughts about the film. Not sure if disturbed is the right term. But yeah disturbed in a good way.

    Bea Alonzo is Bea Alonzo. She will not be a movie queen for nothing. We all know that she will always deliver whatever role she has in her hand. Bea will not do something aside from impeccable. We all know that she is always an A-lister.

    Paulo Avelino's filmography will always amaze me. I am very glad that he accepted this role as this is one of the most memorable he had done, for me. Fearless as Paulo is, he portrayed Philip the way I imagined it. As Wado said, there is something off with Philip. Paulo aced that.

    The thing with Derek Ramsay is that it is all great at first. But his confrontation with Bea at the latter part of the film, which I think one of the highlights of his character, his shining moment, made me a liitle bit uncomfortable. Definitely, it is not because it is a scene with Bea because Derek had done a film before with her. I hate to say this because I like Derek, I am not pleased. Or I should say it is not his best. Wado's momentum failed. But aside from that scene, everything is great with Derek.

    Ruel S. Bayani made it effortless. Focusing only in the three characters. Their back story and the usual initial reactions on the conflict he inserted. I am not surprised of the LGBTQ element of the film as he already gave hints in the trailer of the film. I thought I will be offended as part of the LGBTQ he made it clear, that it is really not about the characters sexuality, but moreso, the things they had done. This is the best thing about the film tackling a sensitive topic as sexuality.

    I have to commend Ricky Davao as well. Napamura talaga ako sa scene na yun. That Bea-Ricky Davao scene. The lines and the life lessons that it brings, ibahin niyo talaga yung scene na yun. The choices and the sacrifices that we need to go through for us to be ourselves. I think a lot of people can relate to it. But it will hit most especially with people who have issues with their fathers. Isama niyo na ko diyan.

    Overall, Kasal is a movie which is a reminder that love is love. It will never judge. And it will always be a choice to continue loving a person. It is a journey that will always be worthwhile.

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