• K Krismar Manuel Reviewed the movie Deadpool 2   2018-05-17 20:50:42

    Deadpool 2 (2018)

    Action, Adventure, Comedy
    Ryan Reynolds
    David Leitch

    [Disclaimer: *I'm no professional movie critic, I'm just a regular viewer* Plus, if you are not aware of Dead-pool, you'll never understand/enjoy his character as being the main protagonist in this movie. You may or may not want to see, just a glimpse of him on YT or comics. That's all]

    So obviously Dead-pool 2 really outdid its prequel. What I love in this movie is the way Josh Brolin portrayed his character, without seeing him as (one of the characters in the infinity wars). Hilariously funny, great visual effects and incredible fight scenes as depicted under my star rating. I only wish/hope though, is the screen writers/script writers should've gone wild with Dead-pools character and even with the story (in line of course with the comics still) Because for me, I kinda felt that they played safe with him and its story were short written. But still, I really had fun watching the movie.

    >Side Remark: The marvel team really made a smart move separating the X-men universe plus Dead Pool's Lore with the avengers universe. Probably, that will be their biggest and bad-ass challenge that they will face is, when they combine those 2 multiverse in the future franchise. As the comics were made. Now that I'm really excited to see, how they will make it in a big screen and probably that will be their biggest hallmark, if it is possible or they'll consider to make it happen.<

    Overall: I will give Dead-pool 2 a 4.5/5 stars. I hope you'll enjoy watching the movie as well. ^_^

    Amazing Visual Effects Great Fight Scenes Hilariously Funny

     Thu, 17 May 2018 8:50 PM  |   More Reviews

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