• Last Night (2017)

    Drama, Romance
    Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga
    Joyce Bernal

    I don’t really get how the rating of this movie isn’t any higher because I thought it was fantastic. What a great year for Philippine cinema. This movie felt a little bit like an indie movie. It’s not your typical Star Cinema rom-com. It gets a solid 4 rating for me for sure, if not more.

    The cinematography is absolutely beautiful, and it showed our city in such beautiful, picturesque light. Although sometimes I got confused with the timeline. It felt like the movie was set in the seventies from the beginning. I think maybe it needed more modern touches to make it seem like it was actually in the present. This is actually one of the reasons why I was able to predict the storyline as well, so the twist was not as surprising as everyone says.

    The acting was okay. Nothing great, but decently relatable. Toni Gonzaga was, sadly, quite annoying to be honest, and it tells me that she isn’t ready for better roles than what typical Star Cinema rom-coms can offer. There just wasn’t enough depth there. Also, I’m sorry, but I jusy don’t think she and Piolo Pascual has any chemistry at all. I think maybe a different actress should’ve been cast. She was really pretty though.

    All in all, it was still a pretty great movie for Philippine standards. I hope more of our movies keep up with this level of quality. Two thumbs up!

     Sat, 7 Oct 2017 8:15 PM  |   More Reviews

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