• How To Be Yours (2016)

    Comedy, Drama, Romance
    Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson
    Dan Villegas

    To start off, whoever did the cinematography and the lighting of this film are really good. The lighting in the scenes at the chandelier store was sooo nice. The story was well-written too. No dragging moments, just the story of 2 people who fell in love and went thru tough times in their relationship, told and shown in a not-so-typical-Pinoy-romantic-flick way. Also, Dan Villegas as a director has slowly gained my respect starting from Walang Forever. I like what he did to this movie. But then again, he also had 2 brilliant actors who has such good chemistry that I forgot at one point that I loved the Bea-John Lloyd tandem. Sparks definitely flew. Basing it from the movie, I say these 2 deserve a second chance with each other in real life. No more 'former love team' fans to haunt them. I just somehow didn't like how Bea's makeup artist did her makeup here. The eye concealer was too obvious in most scenes that called for her to look stressed. It was fun to see Nicco Manalo as one of Bea's sidekick/gay friend. And my gosh, Bernard Palanca is still hot.

     Mon, 8 Aug 2016 6:02 AM  |   More Reviews

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