• Heneral Luna (2015)

    Biography, History, War
    John Arcilla, Arron Villaflor, Mon Confiado
    Jerrold Tarog

    One of the most moving film I've seen

    I am no avid fan of Filipino movies much so biopics about heroes/martyrs but this movie's trailer somewhat made me troop to the cinema on the 2nd day it was shown. Surprisingly, it did not disappoint me. Heneral Luna's character came to life with the marvelous portrayal by John Arcilla. To me, he became Luna himself. Antonio Luna, though mentioned briefly in our history textbooks, was never given enough credit for his contribution to the Revolution. In this movie, we were given the chance to know the greatest and most brilliant general of Aguinaldo. It saddens me though, that not much in our history has changed.

    Kudos to the cast and crew of the movie and to Jarrold Tarog (the director) for making a movie like this and to the researchers who made every little history details as close to the truth as possible.

     Thu, 24 Sep 2015 9:53 AM  |   More Reviews

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