• How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

    Action, Adventure, Animation
    Jay Baruchel, Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler
    Dean DeBlois

    Half-baked follow up to a great film

    Having seen how highly this movie is rated here and how much I enjoyed the first film, I set my expectations for a great sequel to How to Train You Dragon. However, I found this film to be a huge disappointment.

    Starting with the good points, one cannot deny the level of animation and detail in the film. The animators have given the visuals a huge upgrade from its predecessor. The attempt to be faithful to Viking culture is also apparent, and although they have no reason to do otherwise, it is still commendable.

    Now for the bad news.

    The storyline is quite straightforward with few twists and poor execution from start to finish. The story takes many different directions and is all over the place. Plot elements which seem to be potential areas to build depth and character are introduced only to be dropped soon after for another. If you have a decent attention to detail, you would easily find the story to be predictable.

    There is barely any depth to any of the characters. Their attempts to elicit any emotions from the viewer becomes hardly believable due to their shallow motives and weak back story.

    The film left me feeling disappointed. A weak ending and the cornyMonologue

     Sun, 15 Jun 2014 4:54 PM  |   More Reviews

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