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Tawfeek Barhom

Tawfeek Barhom (Arabic: توفيق برهوم , Hebrew: תאופיק ברהום ; born 1990) is a Palestinian-Israeli actor known for his diverse leading roles in various international films and television. He has been active in the acting industry since 2011.Barhom's breakthrough came with his leading roles in A Borrowed Identity (2014). His performance was widely acclaimed, establishing him as a promising actor in the international film industry. The Idol and Wounded Land (both 2015), also in the Greek film Worlds Apart, demonstrating his ability to perform in diverse cinematic contexts.In 2022, Barhom starred in Boy from Heaven, a role that further solidified his status as a leading actor and gained notable acclaim as the film was part of the main selection at the Cannes Film Festival that led to his nomination for Best Actor at the Guldbagge Awards in 2023.Tawfeek Barhom's upcoming projects is highlighted by his role in The Way of the Wind, an eagerly awaited biblical drama by renowned director Terrence Malick. In this project, Barhom portrays John, contributing significantly to a film known for its extensive international shooting locations. The release date, typical of Malick's films, remains under wraps, creating a sense of eager anticipation for its premiere.Additionally, Barhom is set to appear in the prequel to the iconic horror film The First Omen, scheduled for release in April 2024. This project represents a new foray into the horror genre for Barhom, potentially expanding his range as an actor.Further diversifying his portfolio, Barhom will be featured in a leading role in Les Fantômes, a French film shot in Strasbourg. In this production, he performs in French, demonstrating his linguistic versatility and ability to adapt to different cultural contexts. Currently in post-production, "Les Fantômes" is expected to release in 2024, offering audiences a chance to see Barhom in a new light.

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