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Robert Maillet

Actor, Wrestler
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Robert Maillet (born October 26, 1969) is a Canadian professional wrestler and actor. He is known for his tenure in the World Wrestling Federation, as a member of the Truth Commission and the Oddities, wrestling under the name Kurrgan from 1997-1999. --- Maillet was born in Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. He grew up in a French-Canadian village. Maillet was reported in January 2012 to be married, with step-daughters as well as a daughter adopted from Ethiopia name Mekedese. He is conversant in French, being an Acadian. Maillet spent some time in Japan working for the W*ING promotion as Goliath El Gigante. Maillet signed for the WWF in 1997 alongside The Jackyl as a member of The Truth Commission, billed as "The Interrogator". The group was sent to the United States Wrestling Association before being called up to the main WWF roster, where Maillet's ring name evolved into "Kurrgan The Interrogator" (whose name was inspired by The Kurgan, and was occasionally referred to as "The Kurrgan" on television). Under the tutelage of The Jackyl, a charismatic cult leader, Kurrgan was given a monster push and was known for applying the Iron Claw to his opponents' heads and not breaking the hold until The Jackyl slapped him across the face. After The Truth Commission disbanded, Maillet – now billed simply as "Kurrgan" – continued as a singles wrestler managed by The Jackyl. He later went on to be part of the Oddities, The Jackyl's new stable; however, once The Jackyl was removed as the advisor of The Oddities and replaced by the Insane Clown Posse, The Oddities turned face and degenerated into comedy jobbers rather than monster heels.

Wikipedia ]

October 26, 1969 (age 54)
Actor, Wrestler
Laura Eaton
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