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Stephen Tobolowsky

Actor, Playwright, Theatre Director, Film Director, Voice Actor, Screenwriter
© Larry D. Moore
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Stephen Harold Tobolowsky (born May 30, 1951) is an American actor. He is well known for his role as Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day, as well as portraying Commissioner Hugo Jarry in Deadwood for nine episodes and Bob Bishop in Heroes for eleven episodes over the second and third seasons. Tobolowsky has a recurring role as Sandy Ryerson in the Fox show Glee and as Stu Beggs in the Showtime series Californication. In addition to acting, Tobolowsky does an audio podcast about once a month of autobiographical stories of his acting and personal life. He has also authored The Dangerous Animals Club and Cautionary Tales based on these original stories. --- Tobolowsky was born in Dallas, Texas. He was raised in a Jewish family. Tobolowsky has appeared in over 200 films and at least as many television projects with mostly minor roles. In 1994's Radioland Murders, he portrayed Max Applewhite, a gentle sound man with a dark secret. He appeared on Seinfeld as Tor Eckman, Kramer's holistic healer, in the second season episode, "The Heart Attack". He is also known for having played "Sammy Jankis" in 2000's Memento, starring Guy Pearce. In 2005, he was the eponymous subject of the documentary film, Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party, that featured him preparing for, and hosting, his own birthday party, while delivering a series of anecdotes from his life. He was a member of the cast of NBC's television series Heroes for its second season, portraying Bob, the new boss of "The Company". Tobolowsky is well known for his role in the 1993 film Groundhog Day, in which he played Bill Murray's annoying former high school classmate—now insurance salesman—Ned Ryerson. Tobolowsky wrote his last scene in Groundhog Day while filming and it was accepted by Bill Murray and the director Harold Ramis.

Wikipedia ]

Stephen Harold Tobolowsky
May 30, 1951 (age 72)
Actor, Playwright, Theatre Director, Film Director, Voice Actor, Screenwriter
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