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May 15, 2024
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Destino Pasional

2024 PG 1 hr 58 min
Drama Romance
Mahalia and Norberto meet on a flight to Argentina. Mahalia, (38 years old) is a beautiful Filipino woman who in her youth was part of the cast of Maurice Bejard. An injury to one of her legs ended her career. She became an important dance critic and nowadays she writes for European media. Norberto (55), is an Argentine biologist whom she has seen sadly say goodbye to a young woman. Due to an emergency landing, the plane begins an unexpected descent and landing, where they are informed of a climatic complication that will keep them on the ground momentarily. It is during those few days when Mahalia discovers a terminally ill person in Norberto and that fate reserves for them a last and passionate love story. These two beings, who will love each other for the only and last time, will go on their own way upon their arrival to Argentina.