Kaluskos (2022)

R-13 Drama, Indie, Thriller 1 hr 43 min
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Rebekah files for sole custody for her young daughter Amaya. But this doesn’t sit well with her estranged husband Jay. Amid the custody battle, Rebekah finds another “Amaya” under the bed. When the other Amaya emerges, Rebekah feels the motherly connection that she lost with her daughter. The other Amaya insists that she is the real Amaya trapped under the bed because of a curse, and the other one is the impostor. Wanting to start a new life with the other Amaya, Rebekah seeks to set her free. But to do that, she needs to kill the impostor.
Main Cast
Coleen Garcia-Crawford  •  Karl Medina  •  Cara Gonzales  •  Queenzy Calma  •  Elora Espano
Released By
Viva Films

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