Double Twisting Double Back (2018)

Drama, Sports1 hr 55 min
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A year ago, Badger is one of the best gymnasts in the Philippines. He wants to be the very best, until his reckless best friend sabotaged his athletic career. Now, Badger is miserably working as a distributor, selling alcoholic beverages to the managers of bars and supermarkets. To his delight, Badger receives a new opportunity to pursue his quest to be the best Filipino gymnast. He immediately resigns from his job. His reckless best friend, who fulfills his desires through this job, gets pissed and vows to stop Badgers dreams once again.
Main Cast
Joem Bascon, Tony Labrusca
Released By
Cinema One
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  •   Sun, 21 Oct 2018 10:51 AM

    Love the Male lead
    Love the Story

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