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USD $1 ₱ 58.63 -0.0410 June 18, 2024
June 16, 2024
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The Childe

2023R-13 1 hr 57 min
Action Comedy Thriller
A boy fights at illegal boxing stadiums in the Philippines and has been searching for his Korean father to raise money for his sick Filipina mother's surgery. One day, he gets a message from his Korean father's side and flies to South Korea to meet him. However, the journey is full of plights as he is chased by the childe, a mysterious woman, and his Korean father's son.
Main Cast
Kim Seon-ho  •  Kang Tae-ju  •  Kim Kang-woo
Film Producer
Released By
Creazion Studios Inc.
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Ratings & Reviews

  • S

    this is a great movie at first it so unpredictable but the more you focus on the movie you will get it plot twist over plot twist (opps spoiler) 

    gwigongja character is superB aside from his looks his acting is also superB his smile looks like hisoka and his so witty. he really carried the show💯

  • I

    Starts as a light and funny clips but slowly transitioning to action and mystery. To make the story short and avoiding the spoiler, you have to watch the whole movie to know what is the truth. 

    And dude, didn't expect Seonho to play that role. A total psycho

  • J

    Action-filled with fun twists and turns! Superb acting! The attention to details of the director was also impressive. Heard that the movie was shot in Thailand but the Philippine setting was accurately captured. I was not even bothered by reading the subtitles at all.

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