Finding You (2019)

PG Drama, Romance1 hr 37 min
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It follows Nel who has hyperthymesia, a condition with an ability to remember every experience in detail.
Main Cast
Jane Oineza  •  Jerome Ponce  •  Barbie Imperial
Released By
Regal Entertainment Inc.
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  • J
    Ang ganda ng story, hindi ko inexpect yung ending which is nagustuhan ko unlike sa iba na alam mo na yung mangyayari. Ang husay!! I highly recommend this movie lalo na sa mga mellennials
  • S
    The story about the man who can't forget is something new that makes the movie more interesting. Unexpected,shocking twist, too beautiful to forget. So true na hindi nga ito the usual best friend story. Ang ganda ng linyahan at hugot. I love the color and the acting of the cast is notable. You should watch this before cinemas remove this in exchange of foreign films. Support local films! Five stars for me!

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