Mercury Is Mine (2016)

Comedy, Drama
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  • D
    Promising on its artistic cinematography but literal of using liberated script ang execution that makes movie weird and bit crazy. Humor is good but not Consistent.
  • S
    Mercury is Mine is funny, hilarious, and bizarre. It is such an amazing movie that tells the Filipino-American relationship in a very unique and funny way. It is a must-see film with great actors, Pokwang and Bret Jackson plus a well-written script. Congratulations to the director, Jason Paul Laxamana, and to the rest of the people involved. It is definitely one of the best movies I've seen.
  • K
    Mercury is mine was effing hilarious! The house was rumbling with thunderous laughter and applause. Pokwang and Brett are perfect for their characters. Script was sharp and witty. Cinematography was consistent. It was a crowd pleaser. It was weirdly funny. The only movie i voted for Audience Choice so far.

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