Through Night and Day (2018)

PG Drama, Romance1 hr 40 min
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Story 15
Female lead 11
Male lead 10
Fun and Enjoyable 4
Heartwarming 3
Soundtrack 3
Nail-biting Thriller 1
Cast 1
Great in 3D 1
It follows Ben and Jen whose relationship is put to test as they embark on a trip of a lifetime to Jen's lifelong dream destination – Iceland.
Main Cast
Alessandra de Rossi, Paolo Contis
Released By
Viva Films
Ratings & Reviews
  • D
    I would say that this is better than 'Kita Kita' and it was a roller coaster ride throughout the movie. Alessandra's performance is superb that her scenes with Paolo left a huge wound in our hearts. It's definitely a must watch. Sadly, it was taken out of cinemas after its first or second week.

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