Kung Paano Siya Nawala (2018)

PG Drama, Romance1 hr 46 min
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It tells the story of Lio, quiet and withdrawn who finds it difficult to connect with others due to his condition: faceblindness, an inability to recognize and remember faces. He then meets Shana, a beautifully free spirit who changes his life.
Main Cast
JM de Guzman, Rhian Ramos
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    I watched this because someone recommended it. Premise sounded interesting enough, but it’s not really different from other pretentious drivel we get from the indie scene. Guy has a problem he does not do anything about and expects the world to adjust to him. And we are supposed to feel sorry for him because it did not work out for him? The second half feels like a panic attack to resolve subplots and tie loose ends. It was clunky.

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