Midnight in a Perfect World (2021)

Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller


In the near future, Manila is an almost-utopian city, but they still believe in ghost stories. One of which involves people disappearing after being caught out in mysterious electrical blackouts that happen at random parts of the city after midnight. For those unfortunate enough to find themselves out of their homes, their only refuge are special safe houses installed by the authorities. These safe houses are usually two storeys high. The ground floor is for those who come in just in the nick of time. No one knows who or what, is inside the locked up second floor. Four friends who think it's all a hoax, find themselves getting caught out in one. As the city lights start going out one by one, they manage to take refuge inside what looks like a designated safe house. Then a phone rings and they realize one of them is still out there. Something is chasing him. Before the night ends, they will each make a decision that will cast light on just how safe their “safe house” is and what really lurks in the mysterious darkness outside.
Main Cast
Jasmine Curtis-Smith  •  Glaiza de Castro  •  Anthony Falcon

Ratings & Reviews

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