Supremo (2012)

R-13 Biography, Drama, History, War | 2 hrs 27 min
3.5 - critic's rating |
In 1896, as revolution against Spain draws near, one man rises from obscurity to lead an inexperienced force against a much more powerful foe.
Main Cast
Alfred Vargas
Released By
Alternative Vision Cinema and Strawdogs Studio Productions

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02:12 Supremo - Trailer Andres Bonifacio as husband, brother, soldier and a revolutionary hero. Manila, year 1896. The cry for independence from the tyranny of Spain peals louder than ever. Andres Bonifacio, leader of the rebel movement the Katipunan, leads his men to war. Though ill-equipped and untried in the field of battle, the Katipuneros launch an offensive against a vastly superior Spanish military. What follows is a series of events that will test the nation's brave sons, and an aftermath that will separate the genuine patriots from mere participants.

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