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Last Fool Show

2019PG 1 hr 50 min
Comedy Romance
A romantic comedy about a woman who turns to her ex for inspiration for a movie she's writing.
Main Cast
Bibeth Orteza  •  Arci Munoz  •  JM de Guzman
Released By
N2 Productions
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TV Show Airtimes

1:00 PM - 3:00 PMApril 19, 2024

Ratings & Reviews

  • M
    Before anything else, I suggest you watch this movie. The story is not a typical rom-com movie that those regular film outfits produce. When I was about to watch this last night I was kind of excited knowing I'll be watching something different. Indeed it was different, and I can say that, if not for the lousy editing, it could have been a wonderful, very entertaining film. The story is about a struggling indie filmmaker who is ordered by a film outfit to make rom-com movie. Clueless, she is forced to write her sad love story instead and made it into a rom-com which the film outfit delightedly approved. She now has a shot of doing mainstream film and a chance fulfill her dreams. It's a story within a story kind of storytelling. Here, Arci Muñoz plays Mayessa as the filmmaker. JM de Guzman plays Paolo, her ex-boyfriend. In her film project for the film outfit 'Galaxy Films', she writes herself as 'Issa' and names her ex 'Drei'. I'm not a fan of the two main casts or have watched any of Eduardo Roy, Jr's. films before. I've seen JM de Guzman in "That Thing Called Tadhana'. Arci Munoz--non whatsoever. But hey, Last Fool Show's premise is quite intriguing enough to go to the theater. Everything here is okay--as expected. Arci's over-over-the top, goofy portrayal of Issa and JM's almost theater-like, comedic acting approach. Other cast are quite entertaining as well like the Galaxy Film's development head Bibeth Orteza's character together with her staff. What I don't like is the film's editing. It's kind of sloppy work. It's not that tight and sometimes illogical, storytelling-wise... that made the story confusing. I don't if it was written that way in the screenplay but if the editor is not good, the edit of the film is also going to be bad. There are lots of extended shots that need trimming. Another confusing shot is the one when Issa and Drei had to separate ways because they've ended their stay in a hotel in Boracay. Issa wants to extend her stay while Drei is going back to Manila. Issa is now on a platform diving area while Drei is on the boat ready to leave. Suddenly, I don't know what happened but Issa didn't call Drei, but he acknowledges her (to her confusion). Next, they are now together on the diving platform and challenge each other to jump. There are other scenes that are really jarring like the airport scene where Mayessa was shooting a sequence for her movie then Paolo arrives in the scene and sees her. Note that they are already estranged at that point but in the next cut, Paolo is with Mayessa and her staff dining inside a restaurant. It's really weird... there are other scenes too especially in the 3rd Act! Just watch the movie and find them out for yourself. What are the things I like about this movie: - I like the story's premise. - I like Arci Muñoz perfomance here. Especially when she's writing the screenplay for her movie for Galaxy Films (I forgot the title though). - The cast, setting, etc. All in all, I guess you'd get entertained with this movie so I urge you to watch it.
  • D
    Last Fool Show (Eduardo Roy Jr.’19) ★★★★☆ recommended. very entertaining. at the same time ang dami mong malalaman about movies. directing. writing. etc. ginalingan talaga ni direk e, may kilig kay JM at Arci. satisying ending.

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