Dagsin (Gravity) (2016)

R-13 Drama, Romance1 hr 56 min
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'Dagsin' is a beautiful and touching love story about courageous people, who were willing to sacrifice everything to protect their loved ones against the tragedies of human existence.
Main Cast
Tommy Abuel, Lotlot De Leon
Released By
Cinemalaya Foundation
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  • E
    Grabe! Finally, a film defintely worth watching!!! Saw all the awards and wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I understood why after seeing it. I’d actually watch it again. It’s gunna be a classic. Perfect for Easter Weekend! Wish there could be more movies like this
  • J
    I was able to watch Dagsin when it was showing in Cinemalaya and loved it so much that I watched it again with a couple of my friends. I'm not usually one to watch Filipino films, but this was definitely an exception.
  • L
    I am so overjoyed that Dagsin is once again going to be showing in theaters. I was lucky to have watched the film in the Madrid International Film Festival and the film brought me to tears. I highly recommend all to watch it! #dagsin

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