5 Adjectives to Describe Soldado: The Soldier

What should you expect from this action non-superhero movie? We run down a quick description for you before it hit the cinemas on June 27!

In an era where action-packed movies are dominated by superhero characters, there are very few films without heroes in suits and capes that can come at par in delivering high-energy and thrilling scenarios in the big screen. Well, movie buffs big on explosive action scenes will soon have their fix with Soldado: The Soldier!

The upcoming crime-action film is set to make the audience's heart pumping with thrill and adrenaline–minus the superpowers.

Interested to know how this movie will make you jump out of your seat? 

Read on and discover more as we tell you all about this Mexico-set action movie!

  1. Dark

    You'll be going deeper into the dark side of a ruthless game.

    Drugs. Human trafficking. Kidnapping. You name it, you'll see it here. And the true dark side of this film is that these scenarios are all crimes that are all too real.

    In the film Soldado: The Soldier (the sequel of 2015 Dennis Villeneuve's Sicario), the drug war on the United States – Mexico border has been going out of hand as the cartels have been trafficking terrorists across the borders.

    The United States government's solution? Let the cartels fight each other.

  2. Intense

    In this film, you have a federal agent, an assassin, and a kingpin daughter tangled into a messy, violent, and chaotic chain of events that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

    We follow agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) as he works with mysterious attorney-turned-assassin Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro) to incite a war between rival cartels by kidnapping the kingpin's daughter Isabela Reyes (Isabela Moner).

  3. Grim

    What dirty tricks are hidden under the seat of power?

    In the film Soldado: The Soldier, you wouldn't dare to be the enemy of the state, and wouldn't want to wish it for the worst of your enemies.

    Don't try to mess with the United States government because they can (and will) hunt you down.  So think hard, and think twice, before you even think of any attempt to out-gun, out-smart, and demolish them.

    In the film, we'll discover that agent Matt is a believer that the end justifies the means. So when the Mexican government busted the mission, Matt ordered to kill Isabela. But Alejandro refused, turning him rogue, and is now being hunted by the same people who included him on this dirty mission – CIA agent Matt and the government. 

  4. Action-packed

    Action in this film also comes in forms of bombs and guns. Artillery equipment become the tools of the trade for all sides of this bloody mission, and expert marksmen are to be feared. Prepare your senses for messy and explosive  scenes — bullets will be fired, some bullets will be dodged, but some will surely be fatal.

    A rogue undercover operative and a government desperate to maintain peace is the perfect recipe for a non-stop action!

  5. Scary

    Just imagine stepping inside the cinema to experience the type of fear and terror that isn't supernatural nor superhuman at all. No ghosts, no chilling horror sound effects, no caped heroes swooping in to save the day. All you'll have is pure, unadulterated fear of something that could actually happen in real life–sooner, later, or maybe right now.

Also joining the action at the border are Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice), Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Murder on the Orient Express), and Catherine Keener (The 40-year-old Virgin).

Catch Soldado: The Soldier in theaters on June 27.

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