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Filipino Horror Thriller ‘Sunod’ Now Streaming on Netflix

The film that won multiple awards at the MMFF last year can now be streamed on Netflix!

The Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi starrer Sunod, is now up for streaming on Netflix!

This horror film, which won 3rd Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design from last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, interweaves the story of a mother and her sick daughter with the haunting of a call center building. Check out its trailer below:

The film follows the single mother Olivia who has to make ends meet while her daughter stays in the hospital due to a heart condition. Olivia finds a job at a call center company operating in an old building. But it wouldn’t take long before she senses that a supernatural force shares their workspace.

Sunod is now streaming on Netflix
Photo screengrabbed from the official trailer.

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The film also stars Kristal Brimner, Susan Africa, JC Santos, and Mylene Dizon. It is directed by Carlo Ledesma.


Watch Sunod now streaming on Netflix.

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