Cinema One Originals 2019: All The Films To Catch In This Year’s Festival

To make planning your screenings easier, we've listed down all 8 films which you can check out during the film festival's 10-day run! 

Cinema One Originals Film Festival turns 15 this year! To celebrate this milestone, the festival is returning with the promise of a bigger and better one, with a lineup of well-curated films showcasing the talents of our very own up and coming filmmakers.  Happening from November 7 to 17, C1 Originals will be screening in Trinoma, Glorietta, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Gateway, Powerplant Makati, Cinema '76, Cinema Centenario, Cinematheque, and Cine Adarna.

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With the tagline "Kaya Mo?", this year is set to be "young, authentic, brave, cool, and inclusive" as it features a diverse selection of 8 films going from comedy coming-of-age dramas to dark comedies and horror. 

To make planning your screenings easier, we've listed down all 8 films which you can check out during the film festival's 10-day run! 

Directed by:
Victor Villanueva

Lucid, which stars Alessandra de Rossi and JM De Guzman, centers on a young woman who lives a lonely life in the real world and a perfect one in her lucid dreams. When she meets a stranger who challenges her to make her dream life more adventurous, the line between what's real and what's not begins to blur. 

Directed by: J.E. Tiglao 

Metamorphosis tells the story of Adam, who's born with both male and female genitals. While he went through all the things that prepubescent boys go through, things take a turn when he gets his first menstrual period. He then has to go through a journey where he figures out the limits of sexual identity. The film stars Gold Aceron, Iana Bernandez, Yayo Aguila, and Ricky Davao. 

Directed by: Kevin Dayrit

is a dark comedy about necrophiliac vampires who run funeral parlors, collecting blood from corpses and processing it into red meth which they sell to their kind. The film dives deep into the vampire drug culture and the lengths that they're willing to go through for a fix. Lauren Young, Anna Luna, Sarah Carlos, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith star in the film. 

Directed by: Giancarlo Abrahan

Sila-Sila is said to be a ghosting story about a man whose breakups tend to be messy and traumatic not only for him but also for the receiving end. When he encounters his ex-boyfriend again, he finds himself rekindling the feelings he thought were long gone already. The film stars Topper Fabregas and Gio Gahol. 

Tayo Muna Habang Hindi Pa Tayo
Directed by: Denise O'Hara

In Tayo Muna Habang Hindi Pa Tayo centers on Jane Oineza's Alex who, when she DTR-ed, learns that JC Santos' Carlo is not yet ready to be in a relationship. She must then ask herself if love can still survive even without commitments. 

Tia Madre
Directed by: Eve Baswel

Tia Madre is a horror film told by a hyper-imaginative 10-year old girl named Camille, whose mother transforms into something more sinister, violent, distant, and possibly not human. It stars Cherie Gil and Jana Agoncillo. 

Directed by: Dustin Celestino

Utopia follows a freelance videographer, a rookie police officer, an undercover PDEA agent who all get caught in the labyrinth of the city's crime scene all because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It stars Vin Abrenica, Arron Villaflor, and Enzo Pineda. 

Yours Truly, Shirley 
Directed by: Nigel Santos

Yours Truly, Shirley star Regine Velasquez-Alcasid as a widow who still hasn't moved on from the death of her husband. Her grief causes her to make her think of many funny things, one of which is imagining that the famous pop star in the country is the reincarnation of her dead husband. 

The Cinema One Originals Film Festival will be running from November 7 to 17 in selected cinemas in the metro. You can follow their Facebook page for updates and more information. 

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