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Meet the Stars of the Zombie Apocalypse Film “Love You as the World Ends”

Join Kamen Rider stars Takeuchi Ryoma and Takahashi Fumiya in "Love You as the World Ends," a thrilling zombie apocalypse film hitting PH cinemas on June 12. Don’t miss this action-packed journey of survival and heroism.

Get ready for a heart-pounding ride with “Love You as the World Ends,” the gripping zombie apocalypse movie based on the hit horror-television series co-produced by Nippon TV and Hulu Japan. The film weaves together the stories of a group of survivors fighting for their lives during a deadly zombie outbreak. Leading the cast are Kamen Rider stars Takeuchi Ryoma and Takahashi Fumiya, portraying the unforgettable characters Hibiki and Yamato.

Takeuchi Ryoma as Hibiki

Takeuchi Ryoma, known for his iconic role as Shinnosuke Tomari in the Kamen Rider Drive series, takes the lead as Hibiki. Before the world descended into chaos, Hibiki was a humble mechanic with a bright future ahead. On the brink of proposing to his partner, Kurumi, their lives are shattered by the sudden outbreak of the Golem virus. Amidst the struggle for survival, Kurumi succumbs to the virus but miraculously gives birth to their child, Mirai. This extraordinary childbirth catches the attention of researchers seeking a cure, who then kidnap Mirai to further their cause. Driven by love and determination, Hibiki embarks on a perilous journey to Utopia, a sanctuary from the Golems, to rescue his child.

Takeuchi Ryoma as Hibiki

Takeuchi Ryoma has captivated audiences as Hibiki for four thrilling seasons of “Love You as the World Ends.” His stellar performance continues in the movie adaptation, bringing depth and intensity to the character. Beyond his role as Hibiki, Takeuchi has also starred as Miyabe Arata in “Roppongi Class,” a Japanese remake of the popular K-drama “Itaewon Class.”

Takahashi Fumiya as Yamato

Takahashi Fumiya joins the cast as Yamato, the second protagonist whose fate intertwines with Hibiki’s in unexpected ways. Yamato’s journey begins when his car breaks down during a date with Aoi, the girl he hopes to be with. As their paths cross again in the quest to find and save their loved ones, Yamato and Hibiki form a fragile alliance. Aoi, now in the top level of Utopia, is in the hands of the secluded researchers, her fate unknown to Yamato. Together, they face unimaginable dangers as they climb higher, their bond strengthening their chances of survival.

Takahashi Fumiya as Yamato

Takahashi Fumiya made history in 2019 as the first Kamen Rider actor born in the 21st century, starring in “Kamen Rider Zero-One.” His impressive acting skills have earned him lead roles in TV dramas, including his standout performance as Kitada Gaku in “Fermat no Ryōri.”


A Cinematic Adventure You Can’t Miss

Experience the ultimate journey of survival, courage, and love as “Love You as the World Ends” hits PH cinemas on June 12. This Encore Films production, distributed by Warner Bros., promises to be a thrilling spectacle you won’t want to miss.

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