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Apocalyptic Love and Survival in “Love You As The World Ends” – Coming to PH Cinemas on June 12

Experience the gripping tale of love and survival in "Love You As The World Ends," hitting PH cinemas on June 12. Follow Hibiki's desperate quest to save his daughter in this apocalyptic zombie thriller.

Get ready for a heart-pounding journey of love and survival as “Love You As The World Ends” hits Philippine cinemas on June 12. This highly anticipated film, based on the hit horror-television series co-produced by Nippon TV and Hulu Japan, brings the intense story of a group of survivors navigating a zombie apocalypse to the big screen. Directed by Shintaro Sugawara, who helmed the original series that dominated Hulu charts for two consecutive years, this movie promises to be a gripping experience.

A Tale of Love and Determination

The plot follows Hibiki Mimiya, portrayed by Takeuchi Ryoma (famous for his role as Shinnosuke Tomari in Kamen Rider Drive), as he embarks on a desperate mission to save his daughter, Mirai. Having endured the heartache of losing his partner, Kurumi Ogasawara, Hibiki is now fixated on rescuing Mirai, who has been taken to Utopia – a once-promising sanctuary now overrun by chaos and zombie-like creatures known as Golems.

The Fight for Survival

Hibiki’s quest leads him to infiltrate Utopia, where he discovers a group of researchers working on a cure, sequestered at the top of this dilapidated refuge. His daughter, Mirai, is believed to hold the key to developing a vaccine against the Golem transformation, making her capture all the more urgent.


In his journey, Hibiki forms a reluctant alliance with other men, each driven by their personal quests. Among them is Shibasaki Yamato, played by Takahashi Fumiya (the voice of Aruto Hiden in Kamen Rider Zero-One), who is determined to find his beloved Hatori Aoi, whose fate in Utopia remains uncertain.

Will Love Conquer All?

As these characters navigate treacherous terrain and face unimaginable horrors, their love and determination are put to the ultimate test. “Love You As The World Ends” offers a thrilling exploration of whether fate will reunite them with their loved ones amidst the apocalyptic chaos.

Don’t miss this edge-of-your-seat adventure when “Love You As The World Ends” opens in Philippine cinemas on June 12. This Encore Films production is distributed by Warner Bros., bringing an unforgettable cinematic experience to audiences nationwide.

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