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“Spy x Family: Code White” Secures No. 1 Spot in Japan, Opens in PH Cinemas on March 13

"Spy x Family: Code White," Japan's No. 1 anime film, is set to captivate Philippine audiences on March 13. Join the Forger family on their thrilling adventure that blends espionage, humor, and heartfelt family moments.

Making waves across Japan, the anime sensation “Spy x Family: Code White” clinched the No. 1 position at the box office during its December 2023 debut. Amassing an impressive total of 4.41 billion yen over a three-week reign, the film now sets its sights on the Philippine theaters, with an eagerly awaited premiere scheduled for March 13.

Japan’s Box Office Leader Makes Its Mark

Spy x Family: Code White” has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with its unique blend of espionage, comedy, and heartfelt family dynamics. The film follows the adventures of the Forgers, an unconventional family of undercover spies and an extraordinary child with telepathic abilities, as they navigate a world of secrets and lies.

Meet the Forgers: A Family Unlike Any Other

Loid Forger

Loid Forger (Agent Twilight): The master spy and patriarch of the Forger family, Loid is a figure of mystery and competence, balancing his double life with a genuine affection for his adopted family.

Yor Forger

Yor Forger (Thorn Princess): Yor, the deadly assassin turned devoted mother and wife, showcases her struggle to adapt to normal family life while concealing her true identity.

Anya Forger

Anya Forger: The heart of the Forger family, Anya’s telepathic powers provide comedic insights into her parents’ secret lives, bringing them closer in unexpected ways.

“Code White”: A Journey of Laughter, Danger, and Unity

Spy x Family: Code White” embarks on an exhilarating narrative that explores the depths of family, loyalty, and identity. As the Forgers undertake a perilous mission disguised as a holiday getaway, they find themselves in situations that test their mettle and reveal the strength of their bonds.

Join the Unforgettable Forger Family Adventure

With its Philippine premiere on the horizon, “Spy x Family: Code White” invites audiences to dive into an enthralling tale of action, humor, and heart. This film promises to be a standout experience for anime fans and newcomers alike.

Keep an eye on Encore Films Ph on Facebook and @encorefilmsph on Instagram for all the latest updates and prepare to join the Forger family in their most daring mission yet.

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