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“Madame Web” Shatters Box Office Records with Historic P10.4M PH Opening Day Gross

"Madame Web" dominates the Philippine box office with a historic PHP 10.4 million opening, led by Dakota Johnson. A groundbreaking, female-driven Marvel adventure, now showing exclusively in cinemas.

In a spectacular showcase of female-led superhero prowess, “Madame Web” has taken the Philippine box office by storm, claiming the title of the number one movie with an unprecedented first-day gross of PHP 10.4 million. This landmark achievement marks the most significant opening day for any film in 2024, setting a new standard for cinematic success in the country.

Released on Valentine’s Day across 326 screens nationwide, “Madame Web” not only captivated audiences with its groundbreaking narrative but also made history as the first movie in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe to spotlight a female superhero lead. The film’s star, Dakota Johnson, embodies Cassandra Web/Madame Web, bringing to life a character that is as real as she is formidable.

“There was an opportunity with this movie to reinvent a Marvel world where, first of all, it’s led by women, and it’s made by women,” Johnson remarked, highlighting the film’s innovative approach to storytelling. “And because of that, the characters are real, and they are messy, and they are complicated, and they are extremely powerful.” This sentiment is echoed by critics and fans alike, with lauding the film as a “modern-day throwback” to superhero adaptations, and Roger Ebert’s Christy Lemire praising its “blissfully breezy” nature.

The creative team, led by director SJ Clarkson, has been widely recognized for their exceptional work in creating a visually stunning experience that Fox TV Houston describes as a “a visually stunning thrill ride” and “a thriller that must be seen on the biggest screen possible!.” “Madame Web” delves into a world of fantasy noir, focusing on psychics and sisterhood, with SlashFilm proclaiming, “The future is Spider-Female, and Madame Web knows it.”

Featuring a stellar cast that includes Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, Celeste O’Connor, and Tahar Rahim, “Madame Web” offers a unique perspective on the superhero genre. The film tells the origin story of one of Marvel’s most mysterious heroines, Cassandra Webb, a paramedic with the power to see and alter the future, navigating a path fraught with danger and discovery.


Now showing exclusively in cinemas, “Madame Web” is distributed in the Philippines by Columbia Pictures, the local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Fans and newcomers alike are invited to immerse themselves in this thrilling adventure, connecting with the film using the hashtag #MadameWeb.

For more information on “Madame Web” and to find showtimes near you, visit [local theater websites] and follow the film’s journey on social media.

About “Madame Web”

Madame Web” stands out as a suspense-driven thriller centered around Cassandra Webb, a Manhattan paramedic who gains the ability to foresee the future. Faced with revelations about her past, she connects with three young women destined for greatness, navigating a present filled with peril. Directed by SJ Clarkson and starring Dakota Johnson, the film redefines the superhero genre, offering a fresh and empowering narrative.

Photo & Video Credit: “Columbia Pictures”

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