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Watch the Trailer: “Spy x Family Code: White” Brings Espionage to Family Fun

Don't miss "Spy x Family Code: White," the exciting blend of espionage and family comedy, hitting PH cinemas on March 13. Based on Tatsuya Endo's acclaimed manga and anime, this movie promises a thrilling ride for all ages!

Get ready for an extraordinary cinematic experience with “Spy x Family Code: White,” set to captivate audiences in PH cinemas starting March 13. This highly-anticipated film, drawing inspiration from Tatsuya Endo‘s popular manga and anime series “Spy x Family,” weaves a unique tale of espionage, family ties, and unexpected comedy.

Loid Forger: The World-Class Spy and Devoted Father

In a remarkable fusion of danger and domestic bliss, Loid Forger, also known as Agent Twilight, embarks on a dual mission. Striving to maintain his disguise as a loving father while excelling in his covert operations, Loid faces a critical challenge – his family’s role in Operation Strix is under threat!

A Culinary Quest with High Stakes

The plot thickens as Loid leverages a school cooking contest at Eden Academy to preserve his undercover status. He and his daughter, Anya, embark on a quest to discover the secret recipe of the school principal’s favorite dish. This culinary journey, however, leads them into a whirlwind of perilous events, with global peace hanging in the balance.

The Forger Family: A Team Like No Other

Joining Loid in this riveting escapade is his wife, Yor Forger, a doting mother by day and the fearsome assassin Thorn Princess by night. Alongside them is their loyal family dog, Bond, adding an extra layer of charm and intrigue to their dynamic. Together, the Forgers race against time, juggling familial duties, covert missions, and a quest for culinary victory.

A Must-Watch for Fans and Newcomers Alike

Spy x Family Code: White,” presented by Encore Films and distributed by Warner Bros, promises a blend of heart-pounding spy action and heartwarming family moments. Mark your calendars for March 13 and follow the thrilling journey of the Forger family!


Get ready for an adventure like no other with “Spy x Family Code: White” – where espionage, family, and fun collide in an unforgettable cinematic experience!

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