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Reneé Rapp Shines as Regina George in the Sizzling New Adaptation of ‘Mean Girls’

Reneé Rapp captivates audiences with her stunning portrayal of Regina George in the latest adaptation of "Mean Girls," showcasing her versatility as an actress and a singer. Don't miss this electrifying performance in Philippine cinemas starting February 7.

Reneé Rapp isn’t new to the role of Regina George, the quintessential queen bee. Her portrayal in the Broadway adaptation of “Mean Girls” won hearts and now, she’s back, weaving her magic in the latest movie adaptation. At 19, she stepped into Regina’s shoes, right as her pop music career was about to take off. Tina Fey and producer Lorne Michaels saw a spark in Rapp, convincing her to embrace the role. “She actually said she wasn’t sure she wanted to do Broadway,” Fey explains. “Lorne and I convinced her she’d be wasting her talent if she didn’t take a run at this.”

The Evolution of Regina George

Rapp reflects on how Regina George sculpted her career trajectory, “I look back and my jaw is on the ground. I know now how lucky I am. Women in comedy are not often granted the space to be sexy and funny and I think all the girls here are.” Directors Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr. pushed Rapp to reinvent Regina, exploring uncharted aspects of her character. “In our first conversations, we talked about unlearning what she’d already done and finding a take we hadn’t seen before. When she performs her own music, it’s so raw and personal. She is able to bring more of that this time,” Jayne comments.

Reneé’s Perspective on Regina

For Rapp, Regina George is more than just the ‘head bitch in charge.’ ” She empathizes with her as a young woman. “She’s really sexy and powerful, but is also really endearing when you get to know her. She is a villain but you’re forced to empathize with her at times.”. This nuanced portrayal promises to add depth to the character in this new adaptation.


‘Mean Girls’: A Fresh Take on a Classic

The film, releasing in the Philippines on February 7th, offers a fresh perspective on the 2004 classic. With a stellar cast including Angourie Rice, Bebe Wood, Avantika, and Christopher Briney, it’s a rollercoaster of high school drama. Cady Heron’s (Rice) attempt to dethrone Regina leads to a hilarious yet insightful exploration of high school hierarchies.

Catch the High School Drama Unfold

Distributed by Paramount Pictures International, the film is a must-watch for fans of the original and newcomers alike. Get ready to delve into the world of ‘Mean Girls‘ – where comedy meets the realities of high school life. Don’t forget to connect with the movie using #MeanGirls and tagging @paramountpicsph.

Photo & Video Credit: “Paramount Pictures International”

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