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City Hunter’s Original Cast Members Back in Action With Surprise Guests in Anime Film “City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust”

Join Ryo and Kaori from City Hunter as they tackle past demons and the perilous Angel Dust technology. “City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust” exclusively at SM Cinemas on November 8.

The original cast members of City Hunter reunite for the highly anticipated theatrical release of City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust. The gang’s back together as Kaori Makimura (Kazue Ikura) joins Ryo Saeba (Akira Kamiya), who will be facing his dark past and taking on new foes enhanced by the mysterious technology, Angel Dust.

Ryo Saeba is a “sweeper” or a private detective taking on a new type of adversary, with roots from his tragic past. Kaori, the sister of his late partner, accompanies him on this adventure.

Also featuring characters voiced by their original actors like the sweeper Miki (Mami Koyama, also lends her voice as Kei from Akira), and Umibozu (Tessho Genda, who has been the Japanese voice for Optimus Prime and Batman), a duo who also owns the Cat’s Eye café while the three Kisugi sisters will also make an appearance in the film.  Kenyū Horiuchi plays Shin Kaibara, leader of the drug syndicate Union Teope, who also raised Ryo from orphanhood and trained him to be a warrior.

City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust introduces a new mysterious character Angie (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro), a video creator who lost her cat while touring the city.  This led her to seek the services of Ryo and Kaori, but unknown to the duo, Angie intentionally sought them for another reason. Ryo excitedly chases Angie upon meeting her while Kaori tries to stop him to be able to focus on finding the missing cat.  Meanwhile, Angie tries to stop a group of mercenaries who poses a threat to her life and Ryo. 

City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust is a non-stop hyper-action anime film that will delight fans and retro anime enthusiasts alike that includes several surprise guest cameos from other highly-popular franchises.


From Encore Films distributed by Warner Bros., City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust will open exclusively at SM Cinemas on November 8.

Follow Encore Films Ph (Facebook) for more updates.  Get your tickets at SM Cinema / City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust .

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